Overview of the

Established in 1887, Wildenhofer is one of Salzburg’s oldest companies. Flexibility in everyday business and constant innovation has guaranteed the existence of the business now for 5 generations.
The Wildenhofer Group in Austria now employs around 249 people and in 2020 the company generated around € 127 million in turnover.

Transport and Logistics Division

Wildenhofer is an all-round, single-source transport business. Whether transporting within the EU or to and from neighbouring countries to the east, and direct line transport in cooperation with associates all over Europe is our way of guaranteeing the highest standards of service. By cooperating with various system networks complex, long distance logistical tasks can be easily solved. We offer furniture, art and special goods transport worldwide, by air, by land, by sea. In Austria, Wildenhofer specialises in logistics for branded goods and chilled and frozen foods. The company offers solutions for both trade and industry.

The market is constantly demanding the redesign of current procuration and distribution processes. Wildenhofer helps with the interdisciplinary optimisation of procedures for the flow of goods and information. Working in close cooperation with our customers we help to create custom-designed logistics solutions.

Another essential key to our success, alongside efficient transport logistics, is the efficiency of information logistics.
Because customers are fully linked up to everybody in the transport chain via remote data transmission and uninterrupted IT communication chains, consignment data speeds ahead of goods flow guaranteeing a large degree of control and security for transport chain procedures.

Water and Waste Water Technology


The water technology section is responsible for the development and proprietary production of chemical and technical products for pre-treating water, water treatment and the treatment of waste water, and with cleaning methodology for water carrying systems.
The aim is to develop cost-effective, energy-saving, high-performance and environmentally friendly conceptual solutions for water transfer systems.

In providing for such demands WWT provides comprehensive analysis and advice services, as well as all assembly, fitting and related services on site.

In Europe the WWT Group is represented in Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Croatia.


Fuel and Service Division


The fuel and service division is involved in the traditional petrol and oil trades. Light heating oil, extra light heating oil and diesel are the products generating the most turnover. Wildenhofer guarantees uninterrupted supply to customers thanks to ownership of its own fuel storage tanks, as well as prompt and clean carriage paid delivery with the latest fleets of HGVs.

Service is the key. Wildenhofer’s range of services has been expanded to include, storage tank cleaning, tank inspection and tank protection.

There is a strong trend towards so-called energy contracting with fuel deliveries made via calibrated heat gauges. Wildenhofer now also takes on the entire maintenance tasks for the heating systems.